Political Science

*PSCI 1104 – American Government (The American Democracy I)

3 credits

This course is a survey concerning the fundamental theories of American democracy. The role of government and its relationship with its constituents will be examined at length. Particular attention will be paid to the origin of federalism along with the concepts of civil liberties and civil rights. A strong emphasis will be placed on the various interpretations of the U.S. Constitution throughout the evolution of American political thought as well. In addition, the emergence of the federal bureaucracy as a major player in U.S. public policy concerns will be discussed.

*PSCI 1105 – American Government (The American Democracy II)

3 credits

This course is a survey of the fundamental theories, events and personages of American political thought. Through the lens of politics, policy, diplomacy and war, political change and its repercussions will be examined. The socialization of thought and public opinion via the major two-party political system will be discussed. Interest group theory, along with the rise of the mass media and the role they play in the political system will be topics of study. Besides these issues, the economic policy of the United States will be traced from its Hamiltonian origins to its major transformation during the New Deal era. Lastly, the foreign and defense policy from the inception of the Republic to the present day, with its evolution from a weak de-centralized confederacy to the world’s pre-eminent superpower, are to be investigated.

PSCI 1199 – Seminar

1–9 credits

This course will be a discussion of particular problems related to the student’s chosen program and areas of interest.

A * preceding a course number indicates that the course is part of the Transfer Module.