SSCC Alerts

SSCC Alerts is a comprehensive alert notification system which Southern State uses to broadcast important information such as campus emergencies, closures, delays, cancellations and more via email, text or voice messaging.

Manage Your Account

(For students and employees)

  • 1. Under the "Already a member?" section, login using your college email address and the SSCC Alerts password provided to you.
  • 2. Add your email address, phone number and/or carrier (your cell phone service provider is only needed if the text option is selected).

Create an Account

(For parents and other community members)

  • 1. Under the "Not a member? Create an account" section, enter your first and last name, email address and password.
  • 2. Enter your phone number (e.g. 9373933431), carrier (if opting to receive text), and any additional email addresses.
  • 3. Select the corresponding method(s) that you would like to receive the alerts (text and/or voice).
  • 4. Review your information and click "Save."


You can Reset Your Password anytime you need. If you have problems or questions about this service, please contact


The SSCC Alerts network includes the following notification components:

  • SMS/Mobile* — Text and/or voice messages will be sent to cell/home phones, PDAs, etc. Students/employees must subscribe through the SSCC Alerts system to receive messages.
  • Email — Email alerts will be sent to campus email accounts. Students/employees are automatically subscribed through the SSCC Alerts website with their college email address. One must choose a personal/alternate account if they choose.
  • Digital Signs — Alert information posted as messages will be displayed on the digital signs located on each of the campuses.
  • Web — Alerts will be posted on Southern State’s homepage.
  • Info Line — A recorded message alert can be accessed by calling the Southern State’s main phone line at 800.628.7722. The message is activated when conditions warrant it.
  • Local Media — Alerts will be sent to local media outlets (radio, television, newspaper).

* While there is no charge to subscribe to SSCC Alerts, your cell phone provider may charge a fee for delivery of text messages based on your calling plan.

The cellular number you use to register for SSCC Alerts text messaging will not be published in a directory or used for any other purpose. It will be used for alerts and for periodic testing of the SSCC Alerts system.