Website/Digital Media Content Update Policy

The IT Services' Webmaster is responsible for working with staff and faculty throughout the College in order to maintain the College's information media display technologies such as the public website, digital signage, and internal intranet site (SharePoint.) Due to the nature of such technologies, it is expected that changes will be needed in support of campus goals, to meet new or changing academic requirements or for other valid reasons.

In order to accomplish this task, the Webmaster requires regular guidance and content updates from department representatives about their media displays. Therefore such representatives should regularly review displays for accuracy while striving to keep content fresh and inviting. Further, users with delegated access to manage a department SharePoint site also need to independently review for inaccurate or stale content and maintain accordingly.

The following media display technologies are maintained by the Webmaster.

  • Websites, pages, links or files under the website
  • Indoor or outdoor digital signs at each campus
  • Intranet site creation and initial access (SharePoint)

Requesting an update or change by the Webmaster.

In order to process proposed changes and updates, the Webmaster will categorize requests based on the amount of work required to complete them. These will be classified as “minor” and “major” updates.

Minor updates

Minor updates may be requested via email and should include details about the page to be modified (including page link or digital signage display) and content with pictures or graphics. Webmaster will contact requester for clarification purposes or if additional content is needed. Updates will be made once all inquiries for clarification and content have been satisfied. Examples of minor updates include but are not limited to:

  • Dates of programs/events
  • Small text changes on web pages/digital signage
  • Contact information
  • New internal or external links
  • Graphics/images
  • SharePoint site permissions
  • PDF updates
  • Broken links

Major updates

Major updates may be requested via a Website/Digital Content Update Request Form. All major update requests will be reviewed by the Webmaster and follow the review process outlined below. Examples of major updates include:

  • Extensive web page modification/recreation
  • Creation of content
  • New web/digital signage page(s)
  • Deletion of major sections of content
  • Major text changes involving several paragraphs or more
  • Content requiring custom development such as modified graphics, web elements, charts, thumbnails, etc.

Major Update Review Process

The review and approval process for major department or organizational unit web changes is as follows:

  • Department representative notifies his/her manager of a necessary change.
  • After obtaining approval, department representative completes the website/digital content update request form.
  • Webmaster receives update request form and follows up with the requestor via email. If additional clarification is necessary, the Webmaster may wish to schedule a meeting with the requestor to discuss concept, layout and concerns. Timelines may also be adjusted at the Webmaster’s discretion.
  • If supporting materials are not made available to the Webmaster at the time of request, the project will be put on hold until they are received. Materials should include a mock-up of the changes and be in a Word or PDF document (PowerPoint, Publisher, etc. not accepted) and can be delivered electronically or printed format.
  • Webmaster will make a pre-publication change and store the revision in a staging area for initial approval by the requester.
  • Upon approval, the Webmaster will post the revised content.
  • Please note, if requestor does not indicate approval within 30 days, the request will be deemed “expired” and content may be removed from the pre-publication staging area.