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Allied Health

ALTH 1101 – Introduction to Allied Health

2 credits | Prerequisite: Acceptance into Allied Health Program | Corequisite: MAST 1115

Introductory level course that includes the basic information all health care workers need to work in any department of the health care environment. It will include an orientation to the health care delivery system including history and definition. This course will cover different allied health care occupations and the multi–disciplinary skills needed for success in the health care environment. This course will also include orientation into OSHA measures and guidelines, infection control and measurement of vital signs.

ALTH 1121 – Introduction to Pharmacy Technician

2 credits | Prerequisite: Acceptance into Pharmacy Technician program

This is an introductory course designed to introduce students to the scope of pharmacy practice including the history of medicine, ethical and legal aspects of drug dispensing, the role of pharmacy technicians, pharmacy terminology and dosage calculations.

ALTH 1122 – Pharmacy Technician II

3 credits | Prerequisite: ALTH 1121 | Corequisite: ALTH 1125

This course continues emphasis on the foundation material needed for the scope of pharmacy practice. This includes drug testing and the approval process, pharmacokinetics, and issues related to drug actions and responses. This foundation information is then further applied to the treatment of specific diseases and conditions. Theory and technique required by the pharmacy technician to perform skills in an intermediate and advanced level. Procedure skills required in hospital and retail pharmacy are discussed with the management of pharmacy operations. These skills include financial management, health insurance and computer applications in drug-use control. Emphasis will be placed on safety within the workplace including handling of infectious and hazardous waste. A review for the Pharmacy Technician certification will be included.

ALTH 1125 – Pharmacy Practicum

1 credit | Prerequisite: ALTH 1121 | Corequisite: ALTH 1122

The Pharmacy Externship Program is a period of directed practice which consists of practical pharmacy technician skills in a pharmacy facility. The student would use the skills and theory behind the skills to perform and/or observe in a pharmacy setting.

ALTH 1130 – Pharmacology for Allied Health

2 credit | Prerequisite: Acceptance into Health Science Program

Describes the scope of pharmacology as it relates to Health Sciences Professions. Instruction introduces the student to drug therapy and pathophysiologic conditions, patient education regarding medications and researching drugs in a drug reference. Course content includes the use, action, side effects, contraindication, and routes of administration most commonly administered in the medical office. Knowledge and experience is gained through researching of drugs, both generic and trade name, and recording the information on pharmacology index cards. Students are also required to complete worksheets to record medications administered, dispensed, or prescribed during the practicum experience.

ALTH 1160 – Electronic Health Records

2 credits

This course is designed to be an interactive, competency-based approach to learning electronic health records. The student will develop skills used in electronic health records through the introduction of theory as well as the application of medical electronic health records through the use of Medcin Software. It includes using the computer to: 1) navigate the medical health record, 2) record various patient health information such as history and findings, 3) Order diagnostic tests and writing prescriptions, 4) use EHR software to understand E&M code, 5) use ICD-10-CM codes to justify billing and orders based on diagnosis, 6) graph lab results, 7) use EHR to improve patient care.

ALTH 1199 – Seminar

1–6 credits

This course will be a discussion of particular problems related to the student’s chosen program and areas of interest.

ALTH 2201 – Phlebotomy Technology

3 credits | Prerequisite: Acceptance into Phlebotomy Program | Corequisite: ALTH 2225

This course is designed to further enhance the student's knowledge of the clinical methods and the practice of phlebotomy. Course includes lecture, discussion, simulations, and practice in laboratory settings with emphasis on capillary blood specimens, venipuncture, pediatric, geriatric, arterial, intravenous and special collection procedures, specimen documentation, specimen handling, transportation, safety in laboratory setting, anatomy and terminology associated with phlebotomy, and ethical and legal issues.

ALTH 2225 – Phlebotomy Practicum

1 credit | Prerequisite: Acceptance into Phlebotomy program | Corequisite: ALTH 2201

The Phlebotomist Practicum Program is a period of directed practice, which consists of practical phlebotomy in a CLIA regulated, accredited laboratory facility. The students need to attain a minimum performance of 100 successful venipunctures, 25 successful skin punctures and orientation in a full service laboratory.

ALTH 2230 – Medical Billing & Coding III and Capstone

2 credits | Prerequisite: Acceptance into Billing & Coding Specialist program | Corequisite: MAST 2219

This course continues emphasis on CPT and ICD-10 coding skills, office and insurance collection strategies and introduces hospital billing concepts. The course includes capstone review, credentialing exam preparation, and may offer an optional, competitive entry practicum experience as site availability permits.

ALTH 2250 – Advanced Medical Terminology & Transcription

2 credits | Prerequisites: MAST 1115 and MAST 2212 | Corequisite: ALTH 2260

This course is designed for the student, in Allied Health Technology at the advanced level. Emphasis is placed on a system of word analysis by building and extending the medical vocabulary and expanding medical transcription skills of the advanced student. Learning activities, including medical transcribing utilizing the computer, will focus on medical reports and dictation that develops a workable knowledge of advanced medical terminology and medical transcription.

ALTH 2260 – Capstone Medical Transcription

2 credits | Prerequisites: MAST 1115 and MAST 2212 | Corequisite: ALTH 2250

This course is an advanced, final semester course in the Medical Transcription certificate program. This course includes preparation for certification examination and a comprehensive review of the medical transcription curriculum. This review emphasizes accuracy, correct techniques for formatting, producing and using appropriate medical documents and speed for timely completion of medical documents. Medical specialty dictation, recorded in various ethnic accents and from actual medical cases incorporating real-life situations (i.e. background noise and other) will be utilized to simulate dictation situations where critical-thinking must be used in decision making activities for accurate, in-depth proofreading and editing of patient medical documentation. Students will be required to participate in a mock certification examination at the end of this course.