Cyber Security

CYBR 1101 – Database Security

3 credits

To understand the importance of database security by developing the know-how and skills to protect a company’s technology infrastructure, intellectual property and future prosperity within organizations.

CYBR 1115 – Introduction to Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime

3 credits

This course is an introduction into the concepts, terminologies and terms that have been developed to communicate and understand the history of computer forensics and cyber crime.

CYBR 2205 – Terrorism & Homeland Security

3 credits

This course seeks to examine the history of terrorism and its manifestations in the contemporary world. The course will cover nationalistic terrorism, religious terrorism and domestic and special interest group terrorism. The course concludes with an examination of the political and ethical implications of the "global war on terror" and homeland security.

CYBR 2210 – CompTIA Security +

4 credits | Prerequisite: CSCI 1120

This course introduces the concepts and understanding of the field of computer security and how it relates to other areas of information technology. Topics include security threats, hardening systems, securing networks, cryptography and organizational security policies.

CYBR 2215 – Advanced Computer Forensics & Cyber Crime

4 credits | Prerequisite: CYBR 1115

This course is an introduction into the concepts, terminologies and terms to skillfully complete a computer investigation from acquiring digital evidence to reporting findings.