Real Estate

REST 1171 – Principles of Real Estate

3 credits

Principles of Real Estate is an introductory course for the pre-licensing requirements of the Ohio Real Estate Salesperson Exam. It provides an overview of the real estate industry and a study of sales agent principles and practices. It introduces basic real estate concepts, terminology and operations. This course is required for the Ohio licensing exams.

REST 1173 – Real Estate Law

3 credits

REST 1173 teaches Ohio and federal law as it relates to the real estate industry. This course is required for the Ohio licensing exams.

REST 1174 – Real Estate Math

3 credits

This course provides the student with a comprehensive real estate math program with a focus on real life application.

REST 1190 – Real Estate Licensing Review

2 credits | Prerequisite: REST 1171, REST 1173, REST 2271, & REST 2272 or REST 1171, REST 1173 & REST 2275

This online course is designed as a review tool for the Real Estate student in preparation for the Ohio Real Estate Salesperson’s License examination, to aid students in recalling: Principles of Real Estate; Real Estate Law; Real Estate Appraisal; and Real Estate Finance. It affords the student practice and improvement in test-taking skills.

REST 2274 – Real Estate Brokerage

3 credits

This course provides the student an overview of starting and maintaining a real estate brokerage. Topics will include how to be a more effective manager, leader, and communicator while also looking at the importance of diversity and social media.

REST 2275 – Real Estate Finance & Appraisal

3 credits

Real Estate Finance and Appraisal is a study of the role of financing in the real estate industry, ranging from nation-wide cycles of the finance market to the particularities of PMI, Fannie Mae, and FHA loans. REST 2275 also focuses on the theory and methodology of real estate appraisal. Contextual materials, such as market analysis and mathematical study, and a detailed study of the three basic appraisal techniques are included. This course is required for the Ohio licensing exams.

REST 2276 – Property Management

3 credits

This course offers an overview of the property management profession. The course explores daily issues facing practitioners, such as maintenance, accounting, administrative, the role of the property manager, landlord policies, operational guidelines, leases, lease negotiations, tenant relations, reports, habitability laws, the Fair Housing Act, and legal activities. In addition, up-to-date content on federal regulations, such as civil rights, fair housing, ADA issues, and environment concerns are covered.