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Computer Science Program Pathway 'Southern State is a great college to attend, because you will learn real skills...'

We are living in the digital age! Technology takes up nearly every aspect of our lives in one way or another. The career prospects for those who earn their Computer Science degree are excellent with in-demand jobs and high-paying salaries. Every industry uses computers in some way. Problems in science, engineering, health care, and so many other areas can be solved by computers. Ready to get started on your Computer Science pathway?

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Associate Degrees:


Associate of Applied Science Degree


Associate of Applied Science Degree

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Career Enhancement Certification

Potential Career Opportunities:

Employment OUTLOOK:

At SSCC, we tailor our degrees and certificates to reflect growing trends in employment opportunities. Research SSCC Career Coach to learn about current projections in the Computer Science field, or visit to view current Job Postings.



At Southern State, YOU are more than just a number or face in the crowd. We care about your success and want you to reach your full potential. Achieving your goals is our #1 priority. Ready to get started?

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Computer Science Faculty

Computer Science Program


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Meet Josh

"At Southern State we can provide a personal touch that other colleges cannot. There is nothing better than on graduation day, getting a hug from a student and hearing him/her say 'You got me here...You made this happen.' To build someone up and get them from point A to point B is a great feeling."


Matthew Keaton | 2014 Southern State Graduate

"Southern State literally turned my life around. When I started attending Southern State, I was struggling. I had no idea what I wanted to do in the field of computer science. Southern State offered such a broad spectrum of classes from which I could choose. I took classes regarding hardware and software, programming, online business, project management, and many others. After I completed my associate degree, I seamlessly transfered to a four-year partner institution and received my bachelor's degree.

"Another great aspect of Southern State is the staff. They genuinely care. I can honestly say that I never had a class where the instructor wasn't, at minimum, a great teacher.

"Finally, I would say that Southern State is a great college to attend, because you will learn real skills that you can apply in your career. The Computer Science programs at Southern State are fantastic. You will work with the technology, get hands-on experience, and learn a lot!"

Matthew Keaton | 2014 Southern State Graduate

Cory Juillerat, 2014 SSCC Graduate

"You may be thinking whether or not you should go to college, or why choose Southern State over other options. Southern State Community College is a fantastic school for one reason: they care about their students!

"After receiving my B.S. degree from a four-year university, I was having trouble finding employment in my field of study. I was working at a fast-food chain doing something that was not related to my college degree. It was through a connection I made with a faculty member at Southern State that changed my future's direction. I enrolled at Southern State and took some classes to help me become a better leader and more knowledgeable about Computer Information Technology. I was able to land an internship that turned into a job I love, all before I even graduated! I am now working on my master's degree in Computer Information Systems from Bellevue University in Nebraska, right here at Southern State.

"Before, I felt as though nobody would give me a chance to show what I knew. The computer science instructor at Southern State cared about helping me. Through him and Southern State, I found the connection to an awesome employer."

Cory Juillerat | 2014 Southern State Graduate

Matt D. 2010 SSCC Graduate

"Southern State offered me the opportunity to pursue my passion of computers and electronics with a degree in Computer Technology. If it was not for the instructors and staff of Southern State I would not have pursued my passion in that field and I would not have earned a master's degree in Cyber Security. Those skills and connections developed at Southern State have led directly to my career advancement."

Matt D. | 2010 Southern State Graduate

Suzanne V. 2015 SSCC Graduate

"Obtaining my degree from Southern State was the best decision I have made. The professionalism from the faculty and staff made my experience one I will never forget. The professors were so helpful and easy to work with, which made things perfect for my busy lifestyle. With raising children and being self-employed, the online programming helped make scheduling easier to obtain my degree on time! I am glad I found my passion and went for it!"

Suzanne V. | 2015 Southern State Graduate

Dawn J. SSCC Student

"Southern State means so much to me. As a working wife and mom, I appreciate the opportunity to get a degree close to home. The instructors and on-campus tutors have been incredibly helpful and patient with me. I have made lots of new friends! And the college's internship program is awesome – applying for it was the best decision I made as I am now working part-time in the college's IT department doing what I love because of it."

Dawn J. | 2016 Southern State Graduate


Southern State seeks to fill specific post-secondary educational needs for the residents of southern Ohio. The College cannot meet this commitment without guidance and constructive input from members of the community. To foster this vital involvement, the College has established advisory committees. Persons involved in business, public service, and industry volunteer their service and expertise for the purpose of guiding and updating educational programs offered by the College. The advisory committees help to ensure that general and technical education is of finest quality and is always attuned to community needs.

Computer Science Advisory Committee