Summer/Fall 2014 Registration Guide Cover

Check out this Registration Guide for helpful resources and information on registering for classes. All degree-seeking students are encouraged to meet with their academic Advisor prior to making course selections.

Registration Dates

Summer Mini Semester 2014

  • May 23 — registration ends for financial aid applicants
  • June 6 — last date to register
  • June 9 — classes begin

Learn more about the Summer Mini Semester

Fall Semester 2014

  • April 14 — registration begins for sophomore students (>= 31 hours)
  • April 15 — registration begins for freshman students (<= 30 hours)
  • August 7 — financial aid application priority filing deadline
  • August 7 — last date for regular registration
  • August 8–22 — late registration with payment arrangements
  • August 21 — last date to register for online classes
  • August 25 — classes begin
  • August 25 — residency application deadline
  • August 29 — last date to add semester class


Students may register online after their first semester of attendance through:

When registering online, your user ID is required. After logging in, select the "Student" tab then "Course Schedule" to select classes to register for. Make sure you confirm your registration before exiting so that your registration is saved. You may want to print a copy of your schedule.

In Person

Students may register in person on any campus in the Student Services Office.

Complete and submit the registration form to any Student Services Office. You will be given a copy of your schedule once your registration is complete.

Changing or Adding Classes

A student can typically change or add a class during the first five days of the semester. Any course change is dependent on course availability and permission from the instructor of the added course.

Complete the drop/add form, have the instructor of the added courses sign it and submit the form to the Student Services Office.

Dropping Classes

Students can drop a course with a 100% refund within the first two weeks of the term.

Complete the drop/add form and submit it to the Student Services Office.


A withdrawal form must completed and submitted to the Student Services Office before you are officially withdrawn. Never assume that by simply not attending class, you have officially withdrawn.

Withdrawing from a course has many implications that are often overlooked and unexpected. Student financial aid and enrollment status are two of the most critical factors that are affected. Depending on the timing of the withdrawal or the last date you attend a course, you could jeopardize your financial aid and end up being responsible to pay back a portion of the financial aid to the federal government. Financial aid students should contact the Office of Financial Aid prior to withdrawing from any class.

It is vital that you speak with your instructor prior to withdrawing. Instructors recognize that students have to withdraw for various reasons including reasons in which they can offer little assistance; however, in many cases, they can help but must be notified of your challenges first. Regardless of your reason to withdraw, always speak to your instructor first.


If you are withdrawing from a class, be sure to read the Official Withdrawal regulations.