Basic Peace Officer Training Academy

The Basic Peace Officer Training Academy is now a seven-month long program. The Academy can be taken alone or as part of the Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement program that provides students with the fundamentals of entry-level peace officer training for employment as a law enforcement officer.

The Basic Peace Officer Training Academy consists of two courses CJUS 1102 and CJUS 1103 which are 16 college credit hours. These courses are delivered in two, 8 credit hour (this is considered part-time) semesters with a tuition fee of $1,287 per semester. There is an additional cost for firearm/ammunition/ equipment and the estimated cost is $2,500. (Please note: The current ammo market continues to be unstable. Availability of ammo has been rated “difficult” since 2012. Prices have fluctuated in a
seven-day period as much as 40%.)

Most coursework for the Academy takes place on Fayette Campus in Washington Court House Monday through Thursday from 6pm to 10pm and every Saturday from 8am to 5pm during the seven months. There are also four scheduled Sundays of training from 8am to 5pm. Attendance is mandatory.


Ready to apply? Follow these steps!

Step 1 – Complete an Enrollment Packet

Note: The enrollment packet currently available is for reference only. Do not complete and submit it. The valid enrollment packet for the next scheduled Basic Peace Officer Training Academy will be available when the dates are determined.

Printed copies are available on Fayette Campus.

Step 2 – Have a Background Check

The program requires all applicants to complete a background check before being considered for enrollment.

Step 3 – Schedule Pre-Assessment

At the pre-assessment, the student will take a physical fitness assessment and submit their completed enrollment packet. The pre-assessments dates for the upcoming academy are listed in the enrollment packet.

Step 4 – Apply for Admission to Southern State

For more information about enrolling at Southern State, visit Apply for Admission.

Students may also apply for financial aid which is available to those who qualify. For more information, visit Apply for Financial Aid.

Course Descriptions

CJUS 1102 – Basic Law Enforcement I

8 credits

This course covers the first 16 weeks of the 26 week program. The student will learn the technical and social skills needed to perform in the area of law enforcement. There is an increasing demand for better educated law enforcement personnel so the successful student can expect job opportunities as a peace officer. This program is offered in conjunction with the Greenfield Police Department. This is a state certifying academy and is conducted under the guidelines mandated by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

CJUS 1103 – Basic Law Enforcement II

8 credits

This course is the last 10 weeks of the 26 week program. The student will further develop technical and social skills needed to perform in the area of law enforcement.



Carl Alexander

Class Taught: Subject Control Techniques

Brian J. Carlson

Classes Taught: Role of American Peace Officer; Arrest, Search & Seizure; Gang Awareness, Terrorism Awareness; Police Photography; Interview & Interrogation Techniques; Drug Awareness; Crime Scene; Tracing Stolen Property; Lineups; Crime Scene Practical

David F. Faulkner

Classes Taught: Vehicle Patrol Techniques; Firearms/Classroom/Range; Stops & Approaches

Ronald L. Fithen

Classes Taught: NHTSA Speed Measuring/Field Practical; Traffic Crash Investigation; Standardized Field Sobriety Testing; NHTSA Speed Measuring/Field Practical

Eric D. Gerber

Class Taught: Physical Conditioning

Curtis E. Golden

Class Taught: First Aid/CPR/AED

Kenneth E. Holliday

Class Taught: Physical Training

Thad W. Lookabaugh

Classes Taught: Ethics & Professionalism; Vehicle Patrol Techniques; Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

Russell M. Lowe

Classes Taught: General Provisions; Homicide, Assault & Menacing; Kidnapping, Extortion; Sexual Assault; Prostitution, Obscenity; Arson & Related Offenses; Robbery, Burglary, Trespass & Related Offenses; Drug Offenses; Theft, Fraud & Related Offenses; Liquor Control; Offenses Against Public Peace; Selected Offenses Against the Family; Offenses Against Justice & Public Administration; Conspiracy, Attempt, Complicity; Weapons; Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway

Jeremiah J. Oyer

Classes Taught: Firearms (Classroom & Range); Stops & Approaches; Building Searches

Robert A. Pitakos

Class Taught: First Aid/CPR/AED

Neil T. Rager

Class Taught: Subject Control Techniques

Edwin F. Schmid III

Classes Taught: Fundamentals of Report Writing; Community Policing; Crisis Intervention; Juvenile Justice System; Civil Liability & Use of Force; Missing & Human Trafficking; NHTSA Speed Measuring/Classroom & Field Practical; Traffic Directions & Control; Confidential Informants; Civil Disorders; Traffic Crash Investigation; Gambling; Unit Testing; Hazardous Materials Awareness; Surveillance; Uniform Traffic Tickets; Incident Command Systems; Bombs & Explosives; Traffic Crash Investigation; National Incident Management Systems

Shawn B. Smith

Classes Taught: Philosophy & Principles of American Justice System; Criminal Justice System & Court Structure

Trevor J. Spencer

Class Taught: Driving Practical Exercise

Bruce W. Stolsenberg

Class Taught: Building Searches

Nicholas L. Thompson

Classes Taught: Domestic Violence; Child Abuse & Neglect; Vehicle Patrol Techniques/Practical; Vehicle Theft & Identification; Introduction to Traffic; Motor Vehicle Offenses; Firearms/Classroom & Range; Non-Emergency Driving; Emergency Driving; Pursuit Driving; Driving Practical Exercise


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