Law Enforcement (A.A.S.)

Law enforcement professionals work in a variety of environments which require the ability to conduct investigations, to provide security and service and to communicate with varied constituencies. A broad working knowledge of criminal and civil law, especially in regard to police procedure, is required. A large number of new and replacement personnel in law enforcement are projected to be needed for the next decade.

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Related Careers:

Emergency Management Directors

Plan and direct disaster response or crisis management activities, provide disaster preparedness training, and prepare emergency plans and procedures for natural (e.g., hurricanes, floods, earthquakes), wartime, or technological (e.g., nuclear power plant emergencies or hazardous materials spills) disasters or hostage situations.

First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives

Directly supervise and coordinate activities of members of police force.


Maintain order in courts of law.

Police Detectives

Conduct investigations to prevent crimes or solve criminal cases.

Police Identification and Records Officers

Collect evidence at crime scene, classify and identify fingerprints, and photograph evidence for use in criminal and civil cases.

Criminal Investigators and Special Agents

Investigate alleged or suspected criminal violations of Federal, state, or local laws to determine if evidence is sufficient to recommend prosecution.

Police Patrol Officers

Patrol assigned area to enforce laws and ordinances, regulate traffic, control crowds, prevent crime, and arrest violators.

Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs

Enforce law and order in rural or unincorporated districts or serve legal processes of courts. May patrol courthouse, guard court or grand jury, or escort defendants.

Transit and Railroad Police

Protect and police railroad and transit property, employees, or passengers.

Security Guards

Guard, patrol, or monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules. May operate x-ray and metal detector equipment.