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Engineering Program Pathway 'I highly recommend Southern State to anyone considering a career in Engineering.'

An engineering degree can provide access to almost any career you might be interested in. From designing and analyzing data to operating different kinds of equipment, engineering is definitely a growing field in today's technology-centered world. With a background in engineering, you can really stand out in the job market. Ready to get started on your Engineering pathway?

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Associate of Applied Science Degree


Associate of Applied Science Degree


Associate of Applied Science Degree



Certificate Program

Potential Career Opportunities:

Employment OUTLOOK:

At SSCC, we tailor our degrees and certificates to reflect growing trends in employment opportunities. Research SSCC Career Coach to learn about current projections in the Engineering field, or visit to view current Job Postings.



At Southern State, YOU are more than just a number or face in the crowd. We care about your success and want you to reach your full potential. Achieving your goals is our #1 priority. Ready to get started?

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Engineering Program


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Meet Jim

"Engineering can take you as far as your imagination will allow. We cover electrical, electronics, mechanical, computer assisted design (CAD), and our program is versatile to the industry demands and the changing profession."

"Southern State is a great place to begin your Engineering career. Classes are convenient, close to home, and you have the option to move on to a four-year degree from Miami University or another partnering four-year college or university while attending classes at Southern State."


Naikia T., SSCC Graduate

"As a recent graduate from Southern State's Engineering Program, I am currently employed as a Manufacturing Engineer at a local company and love it!"

"I actually started with an entirely different major in mind. I took a few classes and completed a personality test to determine what career would fit best for me. The test concluded that I should pursue a career in Engineering. I spent some time with one of the engineering professors and decided to make the switch. I am so happy I did."

"I highly recommend Southern State to anyone considering a career in Engineering. It's affordable. There is no reason to pay a higher rate for an education when you can get a quality learning experience here at Southern State. The multiple campus locations made it easy to schedule classes that worked around my needs, and the classes were small so the teachers were able to spend an adequate amount of time with each student. Just not let the math and scientific formulas be intimidating. In reality, employers do not need someone who knows all of the answers, they need someone who can find the answers."

Naikia T. | Southern State Graduate

Brandon B. 2018 SSCC Student

“I grew up around all men basically, so I was always in the garage helping fix whatever it was that they were working on. My grandfathers and step-brother work in the aviation field, which sparked my interest. I became enrolled in SSCC's Aviation Maintenance program and love it! My goal is to be able to work on private aircrafts and relocate to California to start my career.”

Courtney R. | Southern State Student

Dawn P. 2018 SSCC Student

“Building, designing, painting, and drawing are big passions of mine. When I first discovered Southern State's Computer Assisted Design Program, I honestly was not sure what it was, but decided to give it a try since it included many of the skills I loved to do, Now enrolled in my second semester, I have come to love the program and all of the work that goes with it.”

Dawn P. | Southern State Student

Tiffany B. 2018 SSCC Student

“As a current technician at a local engineering facility, I wanted the opportunity for career advancement within the company. I decided to enroll in the Electro-Mechanical Engineering program at Southern State to increase my knowledge of engineering. Engineering is the field for anyone who loves technology! There are so many different paths to take.”

Tiffany B. | Southern State Student

Brandon B. 2018 SSCC Student

“When I was 15, I helped re-wire an old 1979 Ford F100 that had a possible 'short' in the wiring system. This experience, in all its detail, sparked my interest in electronics. I plan to not only obtain my Electrical/Electronics Degree from Souther, but also earn the Electro-Mechanical Engineering Degree as well. Earning the double 'EE' title will allow me to be more versatile in my career.”

Brandon B. | Southern State Student

Will L. 2015 SSCC Graduate

“Anyone can go to college, but picking the right major can be a difficult task. Obtaining a career in Electro-Mechanical Engineering has been a dream of mine, so I decided to enroll in this program at Southern State. It is important for me to love what I do and a college education can get me there.”

Will L. | Southern State Graduate


Southern State seeks to fill specific post-secondary educational needs for the residents of southern Ohio. The College cannot meet this commitment without guidance and constructive input from members of the community. To foster this vital involvement, the College has established advisory committees. Persons involved in business, public service, and industry volunteer their service and expertise for the purpose of guiding and updating educational programs offered by the College. The advisory committees help to ensure that general and technical education is of finest quality and is always attuned to community needs.

Engineering Advisory Committee