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Southern State Community College wants YOU to be successful at achieving your academic goals. We want to CONNECT you to the resources you need to be successful as a student and in life following graduation. If an Associates of Arts or an Associates of Science Degree is your desire, we have outlined a path to completion, just for YOU, that lists required courses to help you achieve your goals.

To assist with degree completion, we also encourage you to meet with a person from our advising team. This person will serve as your central resource for academic advising while you are at Southern State! They will help you with selecting courses that meet timely degree completion, understanding and managing satisfactory academic progress, and answering any questions you have along the way.

Program categories in this pathway:

Interested in earning your Bachelor's Degree?

The AA and AS degrees both provide the first two years of study toward a bachelor's degree, and will transfer to any public college or university in Ohio.

Choose the AA transfer degree if you plan to major in a liberal arts field, or choose the AS transfer degree if you plan to major in a math or science field. Your academic advisor can help you decide which

Flex Scheduling Options

  • Day and evening courses
  • Most of the program is offered online


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At Southern State, YOU are more than just a number or face in the crowd. We care about your success and want you to reach your full potential. Achieving your goals is our #1 priority. Ready to get started?

Apply - Our FREE admission application can be accessed online at

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The staff of the Office of Financial Aid is happy to answer any questions you may have. We are all about helping you afford college as well as connecting you to the resources you need to do so!

Paying for college - Applying for financial aid has never been easier. Visit and follow the necessary steps to see how much aid you are qualified to receive.

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Want to learn more?

Speak with one of the program's faculty members to see which area of study is right for you.

General Education Faculty
  • English and Communications
  • Rainee Angles, Associate Professor, Theatre/Speech
  • 800.628.7722, x2794
  • Sarah Crump, Assistant Professor, General Studies, English
  • 800.628.7722 x2637
  • Kenneth Holliday, Associate Professor, General Studies
  • 800.628.7722 x4679
  • Annie Rankin, Assistant Professor, General Studies, English
  • 800.628.7722 x3647
  • Jason Reynolds, Associate Professor, General Studies, English
  • 800.628.7722 x4694
  • Jeffrey Wallace, Assistant Professor, General Studies, English
  • 800.628.7722 x3675
  • Mathmematics
  • Linda Chamblin, Associate Professor, General Studies, Mathematics
  • 800.628.7722 x2679
  • Jon Davidson, Associate Professor, General Studies, Mathematics
  • 800.628.7722 x2648
  • Amer Shaw, Instructor, General Studies, Mathematics
  • 800.628.7722 x4648
  • Bill Worpenberg, Assistant Professor, General Studies, Mathematics
  • 800.628.7722 x3679
  • Arts & Humanities
  • Brian Siemers, Assistant Professor, General Studies, Fine Arts
  • 800.628.7722 x2634
  • Social Sciences
  • Jody Bishop, Assistant Professor, Sociology
  • 800.628.7722 x3628
  • Natural & Physical Sciences
  • Terry Flum, Assistant Professor, Biology
  • 800.628.7722 x2692
  • David Garippa, Instructor, General Studies, Biology
  • 800.628.7722 x5635
  • William Henry, Associate Professor, Agriculture, Biology
  • 800.628.7722 x4637
  • Kelly Schradin, Assistant Professor, General Studies, Biology
  • 800.628.7722 x2633
  • Donald Storer, Instructor, General Studies, Chemistry
  • 800.628.7722 x2645


Gregory Lawson, SSCC Transfer

"I came to Southern Stae with the intent of transferring on to a four-year college to pursue a bachelor's degree. During my time at Southern State, my career path changed for the better, and I have Southern State to thank for this. They really helped me transition from high school to college, and to figure out what I wanted to do next."

"My experience while attending Southern State was fantastic. As an SSCC student. I was provided with the opportunity to be part of intercollegiate athletics through my participation in soccer. I made a lot of friends, many of whom I am still friends with today. I also was able to save thousands of dollars and transfer the majority of my credits earned at Southern State."

"The faculty and staff were also great. Each and every person that I came into contact with helped me in one way or another to get to where I am today. Whether it be advice or simply lending an ear between classes, each individual was there for me. Attending Southern State was an amazing experience."

Gregory Lawson | Southern State Transfer

Cory C., SSCC Transfer Student

"I decided to attend Southern State because it was affordable, close to home and I knew it would prepare me for a four-year college. After two years at Southern State, I transferred to Shawnee State University. Transferring was a simple, stress-free experience. All of my Southern State credits transferred seamlessly! This allowed me to gain an advantage over other students. Southern State helped me achieve my goals!"

Cory C. | SSCC Transfer Student

Miranda C., SSCC Transfer Student

"After one year at Southern State, I transferred my credits to the University of Cincinnati where I earned my bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. My transfer experience was stress-free and cost effective. I received a four-year college education at a third of the price. I would definitely recommend Southern State to anyone thinking about college. It is cost efficient and promotes a smooth transition from high school to college."

Miranda C. | SSCC Transfer Student

Andy C., SSCC Transfer Student

"After attending Southern State, I transferred to the College of Mount St. Joseph in Cincinnati. Transferring was extremely easy to do and all of my credits were accepted. Attending Southern State gave me an advantage over other students because I had already completed my core level credits at a much lower cost. Transferring credit hours lightened the work load that I had to take each semester. This is a direct benefit of choosing Southern State."

Andy C. | SSCC Transfer Student