College Credit Plus (CCP)

Students Grades 7-12... Earn Free College Credit

Summer Semester deadline: May 7; Fall Semester deadline: August 6; Spring Semester deadline: December 17.

Taking your SSCC classes at Wilmington College? This is for you!

We realize the announcement of the closure of the Southern State North Campus has raised concern among students who were either registered or planning to register for classes in the upcoming semester. We want to assure our students that Southern State will continue to offer our courses to College Credit Plus and traditional students on the Wilmington College campus beginning fall 2020. Our plan is to simply move the current North Campus course offerings as posted to the campus of Wilmington College. All class offerings are always subject to adequate enrollment. Classes will be taught by Southern State faculty, and will offer the same ease of transferability as our courses offered on any of our campuses or online.

What is College Credit Plus?

College Credit Plus (CCP) gives students in grades 7-12 the opportunity to take college courses for free and earn high school and college credit before graduating high school.

Benefits for Students & their Families

  • College Credit Plus provides the opportunity for students to pursue college-level coursework while still in high school.
  • Under College Credit Plus, high school students can complete just a few classes, their entire freshman year of college, or more. Some even graduate high school with an Associate Degree which gives them a tremendous advantage in their college career.
  • Earning college credits while still in high school can significantly reduce the time and cost of attending college after high school.