Transfer Agreements

The college transfer process has become a valuable part of many students' higher education experience. Southern State can CONNECT you to a variety of four-year colleges and universities across the state and beyond to help you meet your goals.

If you begin your college education at Southern State, your costs will be less, classes are likely to be smaller and you'll be closer to home. And through our transfer agreements, it's easy to Transfer from Southern State to a four-year institution of your choice and earn your bachelor's degree.


Southern State has articulation/transfer agreements with many four-year institutions. In addition to the list below, you can transfer your Southern State credits to many other schools.

College Transfer Agreements

American College of Education
Ashland University
  • Agreements Under Construction
Bellevue University
  • Agreements Under Construction
Bowling Green State University
  • Agreements Under Construction
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science
DeSales University
  • Agreements Under Construction
DeVry University – Columbus
  • Agreements Under Construction
Franklin University
Herzing University
  • Agreements Under Construction
Indiana Wesleyan University
Kaplan University
  • Agreements Under Construction
Lindsey Wilson College
Miami University
Morehead State University
Mount St. Joseph University

Tuition Reciprocity Agreements

You may also benefit from our tuition reciprocity agreements (think out-of-state study at in-state prices) with these institutions.

  • Gateway Community & Technical College
  • Maysville Community & Technical College
  • Morehead State University
  • Northern Kentucky University

See your Academic Advisor for planning your Transfer Pathway.

High School Transfer Agreements / Tech Prep

Southern State acknowledges successful completion of Approved Tech Prep Programs at area high schools by awarding college credit through the college's Tech Prep program. Credit received through the Tech Prep program will count toward an appropriate degree at Southern State. An application for Tech Prep credit is available in the area high school or the Student Services Office at Southern State.

Ohio Transfer to Degree Guarantee

Ohio Transfer to Degree Guarantee enables Ohio students to streamline credit transfer among the state's public institutions of higher education to find the best pathways to degree completion and launch successful careers.

Transfer Module

The Ohio Board of Regents developed a statewide policy which will facilitate the transfer of students in Ohio colleges and universities. This policy, referred to as the Transfer Module, allows students who meet the Transfer Module requirements of their home institutions to meet automatically the Transfer Module requirements of the colleges or universities to which they transfer, even though the requirements of the institutions may vary. Students should note that after transfer, they will be required to meet additional general education requirements that are not included in the Transfer Module.

The Transfer Module is made up of a specific subset or the entire set of a college or university's general education requirements in English composition, mathematics, humanities, fine arts, social science, behavioral science, physical science, natural science and interdisciplinary course work. The study of foreign language is also encouraged. The requirements contain 36 to 40 semester hours of course credits as specified by individual colleges and universities.

Southern State's Transfer Module Requirements

The Transfer Module at Southern State consists of 36 semester credit hours of introductory courses in: English Composition/Oral Communications, Mathematics, Arts/Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences and Natural & Physical Sciences.

Students should follow these directions in selecting courses for the Transfer Module:

  • Select minimum requirements from introductory courses following the instructions provided in each section.
  • Complete the required minimum hours of the Transfer Module from the remaining courses on this list.
  • Check with an academic Advisor to ensure the courses selected are the most appropriate for the major and the transfer college or university selected.

English / Communications – 9 hours

Course # Course Title Credits
ENGL 1101 English Composition I 3
ENGL 1102 English Composition II 3
COMM 1115 Fundamentals of Effective Speech 3

Mathematics – minimum of 3 hours

Course # Course Title Credits
MATH 1124 Finite Math 3
MATH 1141 College Algebra 4
MATH 1142 College Trigonometry 4
MATH 1160 Statistical Concepts 3
MATH 2221 Calculus I 5
MATH 2222 Calculus II 5
MATH 2223 Calculus III 4
MATH 2250 Linear Algebra 4
MATH 2281 Introductory Statistics 3

Arts / Humanities – 6 hours from at least two areas


Course # Course Title Credits
ENGL 2201 Introduction to Literature 3
ENGL 2202 * The Great American Novel (1925 – Present) 3
ENGL 2207 * Women's Literature 3
ENGL 2217 Readings in Early British Literature 3
ENGL 2218 Readings in Later British Literature 3
ENGL 2230 American Literature to 1865 3
ENGL 2235 American Literature after 1865 3
ENGL 2236 * Contemporary World Literature: The Novel (1945 to present) 3
ENGL 2240 Introduction to Films 3
ENGL 2241 Film History 3
ENGL 2246 * Classical & World Mythology 3
ENGL 2247 * Critical and Cultural Approaches to the Fairytale 3

Fine Arts

Course # Course Title Credits
FNAR 1104 Introduction to the Arts 3
FNAR 1111 History of Art I 3
FNAR 1112 History of Art II 3
FNAR 1116 Music Appreciation I 3
FNAR 1117 Music Appreciation II 3


Course # Course Title Credits
PHIL 1101 * Introduction to World Philosophy 3
PHIL 1102 Introduction to Western Philosophy 3
PHIL 1107 Ethics 3


Course # Course Title Credits
THEA 1121 Introduction to Theatre 3

Social Sciences – 6 hours from at least two areas


Course # Course Title Credits
ECON 2205 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECON 2206 * Principles of Macroeconomics 3


Course # Course Title Credits
HIST 1110 American History I 3
HIST 1111 American History II 3
HIST 1130 * African American History 3
HIST 1140 * American Women's History 3
HIST 1151 * Introduction to Western Civilization I 3
HIST 1152 * Introduction to Western Civilization II 3

Political Science

Course # Course Title Credits
PSCI 1104 American Government (The American Democracy I) 3
PSCI 1105 American Government (The American Democracy II) 3


Course # Course Title Credits
PSYC 1110 Principles of Psychology 3


Course # Course Title Credits
SOCI 1107 * Introduction to Diversity 3
SOCI 1170 Introduction to Sociology 3

Natural & Physical Sciences – 6 hours with at least one laboratory course


Course # Course Title Credits
BIOL 1101 Principles of Biology I 5
BIOL 1102 Principles of Biology II 5
BIOL 1104 Human Biology I 4
BIOL 1105 Human Biology II 4
BIOL 1125 Environmental Science 4
BIOL 2205 Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIOL 2206 Anatomy & Physiology II 4
BIOL 2210 Microbiology 4


Course # Course Title Credits
CHEM 1151/1161 First Year Chemistry I / First Year Chemistry Lab I 4/1
CHEM 1152/1162 First Year Chemistry II / First Year Chemistry Lab II 4/1
CHEM 2201/2211 Organic Chemistry I / Organic Chemistry I Laboratory 4/1
CHEM 2202/2212 Organic Chemistry II / Organic Chemistry II Laboratory 4/1

Physical Science

Course # Course Title Credits
PHYS 1101 Introduction to Physical Science 3
PHYS 1104 Physical Geology 4
PHYS 1130 Astronomy 3
PHYS 2201/2211 General Physics I / General Physics Lab I 4/1
PHYS 2202/2212 General Physics II / General Physics Lab II 4/1
PHYS 2221/2231 College Physics for Scientists & Engineers I / College Physics for Scientists & Engineers Lab I 4/1
PHYS 2222/2232 College Physics for Scientists & Engineers II / College Physics for Scientists & Engineers Lab II 4/1

* Courses meet global or cultural perspective

Additional Transfer Module Policy Details

Under the guidelines of the Transfer Module policy, receiving institutions will give priority admission status to students who have completed either the Associate of Arts degree, the Associate of Science degree or 60 semester hours (including the Transfer Module) with a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Students should note, however, that admission to an institution does not necessarily guarantee admission into a particular major, minor or field of concentration.

After transfer students are admitted into their receiving institutions, they are subject to the same regulations, including residency requirements, as are native students. They also will be given the same class standing and other privileges as native students.

As early as possible in their academic careers, all transfer students should communicate with various colleges and universities to which they would like to transfer. These communications and subsequent early decisions about majors and prospective receiving institutions will enable students to plan their courses of study at their transfer institutions. This planning, along with the help provided by the Transfer Module, should make the transfer of students in Ohio schools work smoothly. Southern State cannot be responsible if the student takes courses out of sequence or substitutes courses for those listed in the program.

Transfer Resources

Here are some resources that will help in the transfer process.

Transfer FAQs

Why transfer?

Starting your college experience at Southern State is an affordable choice close to home. If your long-term goals include a bachelor's degree or higher, we've got you covered. Build on what you started at Southern State and then follow the steps to Transfer from Southern State.

What does transfer mean?

The term "transfer" means that a student applies earned college credit received at one college for courses or programs completed at another college.

Who is a transfer student?

A transfer student is someone who begins a program of study at one college and then leaves that college to take classes at another college.

What does articulation mean?

Articulation is a way of equating courses taken at one college with courses at another college.

Will I lose credit if I transfer?

It is important for a student to meet with an advisor at the college they are wishing to transfer to before investing the time and money in taking courses at their current college just to make sure they will in fact transfer. Some reasons courses will not transfer include:

  • Student fails the course
  • Student took course too long ago
  • Course taken was not required for the degree
  • Course was taken more than once
  • Course was taken at a college that was not accredited

How do I ensure that all of my courses will transfer?

If you enter college with the intent of transferring, you should meet with an advisor at the school you wish to transfer to just to make sure all of the courses you are taking at your current college will be accepted. Contact the admissions office at the college you wish to transfer to and they will set you up with an advisor who will review your courses.