The College Project: Becoming Your College's Best Ally

The College Project is designed to help your chapter develop and/or strengthen a supportive working relationship with our college administration.

Administrative support is essential for all active Phi Theta Kappa chapters - funding their travel, granting access to campus resources, and celebrating in person the chapter's inductions. Instead of asking for a handout, this is our opportunity to offer a hand with whatever the college needs to support its mission.

The college project can be anything that benefits the college and is approved by the college administration - preferably the campus president/CEO.

  • Know Before You Go. Research the college's mission statement and their current strategic priorities before you meet with the administrator. Being informed will demonstrate how seriously you're taking this chance to partner with your college.
  • The Ball Is in THEIR Court. Being prepared doesn't mean you choose the project. Let the administrator share their thoughts and wishes before coming to an agreement on the best project to pursue.
  • Collaborate and Listen. The first meeting is only the beginning. Keep the administration apprised of your progress, and go back to the table to discuss any obstacles. It's the college's decision if plans need to change.
  • Rewards and Awards. A job well done will surely impress your administration sealing your chapter's reputation as a star ally. And there are other rewards for completing a stellar project. The College Project is part of the Five Star Chapter Plan, and your chapter could win an award on the regional and even international level of Phi Theta Kappa. Be sure to enter your College Project into the Hallmark Awards competition.