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Canvas is SSCC's learning management system and is used for Online, Hybrid and Web Optional/Required classes. It offers a wide variety of learning, communication and assessment tools for facilitating an online class.

Tools and Features

Within Canvas all communication, content delivery, interaction and evaluation happen through a variety of tools:

  • Discussion Board
  • Email
  • Web Conferencing
  • Grade Book
  • Assignments and In-Line Grading
  • Testing and Survey features

Available Resources

Below are a range of resources available to SSCC faculty.

Canvas TutorialsCanvas Tutorials

Tutorials produced by Canvas covering some of the various tools and features found in the Canvas system. Read more »

Publisher ContentPublisher Content

Textbook publishers are increasingly likely to offer electronic resources to accompany their textbooks. Read more »

Canvas CommunityAsk the Canvas Community

Find answers by asking the Canvas Community at Canvas Answers.

Canvas GuidesSearch the Canvas Guides

Find useful guides for Canvas by visiting the Canvas Guides.

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