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Publisher Content

What is publisher content?

Textbook publishers are increasingly likely to offer electronic resources to accompany their textbooks. These could be as simple as banks of test questions, but might also include e-Packs (fully developed courses that can be imported to an eLearn shell) or even complete courses hosted on the publisher's website with their own activities, practice exercises, testing resources and gradebooks.

How can I tell what content is available for my text?

The best way to determine if extra content is available for your textbook is to check the publisher's website. Textbook company representatives are also happy to talk with you about your options. Your Division Coordinator will also be familiar with available publisher materials for your course.

How do I get access to publisher content?

The fastest way to get access to publisher content is to contact your local publisher's representative.

The other option is to work through the publisher's website. This usually takes longer and involves submitting an application with some verification of your status as an instructor.

Won't students get confused if I'm sending them to a website outside of Canvas?

Yes! That is why publisher content needs to be pulled into your Canvas courses. Please contact if you need help adding your publisher content into your Canvas courses. We will set up a time to work with you one-on-one or we can work with the publisher directly if there are issues.

How do I decide whether to use publisher content?

Questions to consider include:

  • Is the publisher material better for students than what I could develop myself in the time I have available?
  • Does publisher content augment my own material in useful ways?
  • Does the material match the outcomes for my course?
  • Do the materials look like they would be relatively easy for students to access and use?
  • Does the publisher provide instructor tutorials? Technical support for students?
  • How much extra work will be needed to monitor a publisher site, export grades, etc.?

I'm most interested in the publisher's test bank. How do I get the questions into the Canvas course?

Many publishers already have test questions formatted specifically for Canvas, you may check with your publisher to see if test banks are available. Download the test bank to your computer, then import them to Canvas using the Import Course Content function under Settings. If you need addition support please visit the Canvas Guides.