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Quality Matters

What is Quality Matters?

Quality Matters (QM) is a national, faculty-driven, peer review process designed to facilitate the continuous improvement of the design of online courses. QM's goals are to improve student learning, retention, and satisfaction in online courses through better course design and to reflect results of academic research on effective learning.

Who uses the QM Program?

QM is used in hundreds of institutions nation-wide. The Quality Matters site has a complete listing of QM-recognized courses.

How does a QM Peer Review work?

The QM Peer Review process works like this:

  • A team of three trained online faculty members – including one subject matter expert – use the QM rubric to review and provide feedback to peers about the design of their online course
  • Courses must meet all of the essential standards and reach a certain threshold on non-essential standards in order be QM certified
  • Exceptional elements within a course are highlighted and reinforced, and positive recommendations for course improvement are suggested
  • Successful course reviews result in national recognition by Quality Matters as well as recognition here at SSCC

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QM Peer Reviews are a unique professional development opportunity, which offer the potential of SSCC and national QM recognition.
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Peer reviewers are responsible for reviewing a course and providing supportive, constructive feedback to the course developer. Want to become a Peer Reviewer?
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