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QM Peer Reviews

QM Peer Reviews are a unique professional development opportunity, which offer the potential of SSCC and national QM recognition. Participating faculty members benefit by collaborating with other online instructors, by viewing the course from the student's perspective, and by learning and implementing research-based learning principles.

SSCC Peer Reviews

At SSCC, peer reviews are conducted with the understanding that all reviewed courses will eventually meet QM standards for course design. Faculty who choose to participate in the peer review process commit to making adjustments to their course's design if the course does not at first meet QM standards. Standards are not prescriptive; there are many ways to meet each standard. If a course does not meet a QM standard, the course developer has the support of the Instructional Technology Staff and SSCC Faculty to implement possible revisions.

Want to Participate in a Peer Review?

Participation in a QM Peer Review is voluntary. If you would like to participate, there are a few simple steps you need to take:

  • 1. Verify that you have taught the class within the last 18 months.
  • 2. Complete QM training, such as the APPQMR or IYOC workshops.
  • 3. Contact your QM Coordinator, Angel D. Mootispaw ( and let your dean know you are applying.

Want to get involved?

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Peer reviewers are responsible for reviewing a course and providing supportive, constructive feedback to the course developer. Want to become a Peer Reviewer? Read more »