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Basic Life

Southern State Community College provides all full-time employees with $50,000 dollars of Basic Life Insurance coverage. The premium for this policy is covered 100% by the College and takes effect on the first day of full-time employment.

The policy is administered through Medical Mutual of Ohio (MMO) and is subject to an Age Reduction Clause. This means that when the covered individual reaches a set age, the amount of life coverage will reduce by a set percentage.

  • At age 65, the original $50,000 amount is reduced by 35% to become $32,500.
  • At age 70, the original $50,000 amount is reduced by 50% to become $25,000.

Because the Basic Life policy is provided by the College and the College pays 100% of the premium, it is not possible to increase the amount of coverage. If you would like additional life coverage for yourself, your spouse, or any dependent children, you may purchase Voluntary Life Coverage. See the Voluntary Life section for more information.

Coverage through the College discontinues at termination or retirement. It may be possible for you to convert your College sponsored life insurance into an individual policy. Premiums are covered 100% by the employee if converted to an individual policy. OPERS and STRS may also provide a death benefit which is based on a retiree's years of service credit. Please see the retirement section for more information on OPERS and STRS.