Benefits & Wellness

Eligibility for Benefits


All full-time Faculty and Staff are eligible for benefits through Southern State Community College. The coverage shall commence on the first monthly eligibility date after the employee's employment.


Spouses are defined as individuals who are recognized as lawfully married under the law of any state.

Working spouses, who are eligible for health coverage through their employer, are required to enroll in their employer-sponsored health plan before enrolling in the College's health plan. The College will provide secondary coverage for spouses who are covered by their employer's plan. All spouses must complete a verification form for spouse coverage regardless of employment status, in order to obtain coverage under the College's insurance plan.

Spousal Healthcare Affidavit


Dependents who meet the following criteria may be considered eligible for benefits under the College's plan:

  • Under the age of 26 living in or out of the home
  • Unmarried