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When Can I Make a Change?

Each year employees have the opportunity to make changes to their benefit plans during the annual Open Enrollment period held in May. Otherwise changes may only be made if an employee experiences a qualifying life status change or qualifying work status change. Examples of each are listed below.

Qualifying Life Status Changes

  • Birth/ legal custody/ adoption of a child
  • Marriage or divorce of Employee
  • Marriage or divorce of qualified dependent
  • Death of a covered dependent
  • Change of insurance coverage of a covered dependent or spouse

**NOTE** A Change of Insurance Coverage of a Covered Dependent or Spouse is defined as one of the following:

  • Your spouse or dependent losing eligibility for coverage under an employer-sponsored insurance plan through reduction in hours resulting in loss of eligibility, termination, retirement, layoff, or company closure.
  • Your spouse or dependent having a change in employment status that results in the individual becoming eligible for benefit coverage under an employer-sponsored insurance plan such as gaining full-time employment or completing a probationary or eligibility waiting period.
  • Your spouse or dependent exhausts the maximum period of COBRA Continuation Benefits.
    To exhaust COBRA coverage, your spouse or your dependent must reach the maximum period of COBRA coverage available without early termination. If your spouse or dependent chooses to terminate COBRA coverage early with no special enrollment opportunity available at that time, they will have to wait until the next open enrollment period to enroll in coverage.

Qualifying Work Status Changes

  • Employee moves from Part-Time to Full-Time employment status
  • Employee moves from Full-Time to Part-Time employment status
  • Termination of Employment

The Employee must notify the Coordinator of Employee Benefits & Compensation within 30 days of the qualified life or qualified work event. Qualified Life Event changes are subject to change according to state and federal laws and regulations. The change in coverage must coincide with the qualified life event.

Changes due to a qualifying life event must be made online using Dayforce. Please see the "How to Make a Change to Current Elections" section for instructions.